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LED Lightings

LED Tube light ,Energy Savings Save 50% more Energy compared with traditional fluorescent tube light Long Lasting More than 50, 000 hours working lifetime Eco-friendly No UV or RF interference, no Mercury or Lead Cost Savings One 120cm LED tube can save 1000 kilowatt-hour electricity during its lifetime Breakage Resistance Front side with PC and back side with aluminum . It gives even illumination, wide projection distance, but low decay. Its weight is light and volume is small. Long life time and no any pollution even break. It can be used as plant growth lamp, environment benefic, low power consumption and as one new generation green product. Application LED Fluorescent Tubes are available in production line, working desks, offices, rooms, hospital lighting, some special or bad situations, some special occasions that require safety, meet the needs of some occasions which has high voltage power supply and high disturbing.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights consume very little energy and have a longer life span than the traditional forms of lighting such as CFL’s and fluorescent tubes.

Because of their low consumption they are ideal for “heavy users” of lighting such as office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, factories and also advertising firms for the billboards.

LED lights remove the burden of upfront investment for most of these heavy users and instead they foot the bill from the cost savings of using the LED lights.

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